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Taking the Photographs

Peter and his wife Anne spend a lot of time on the water amongst the boating fraternity taking photos of various boats in action. In Peter's words, "You need to be able to see the wave patterns when a boat travels through the water, each boat hull has its own wave pattern and the customer knows their boat better than any one else. The customers love to have photographs and paintings of their boats in action, not sat at anchor or on a mooring" . Pictured above is Peter and Anne on their boat ' Work of Art' a Bavaria Motor Boat 29 Sport ."We chose this type of boat for its nimble manoeuvrability at speed and its 34 knots capability" says Peter, "you need to be able to get around your subject with ease, without causing any problems to the vessel you are photographing", Anne can be seen in the back seat photographing  in the Solent, England, for the next picture and video shoot, "we were travelling at 25 knots, at the time, in a following sea, in a force 3-4 south-westerly" remarked Anne, not the easiest of tasks!!

Castaway heading for the Isle of Wight, 2005

We had to ride the edge of Castaway's wash to get this shot. This is just one of the angles that we can take for the action shots that the client loves to see. 
Boating is a passion and one of the things the power boater loves is a good action shot of their own boat doing what it does best. This is where our passion comes into it's own, Anne, with here rubber legs and amazing balance, manages to get some brilliant shots in the brief moments that the boat is stable, while I'm in my element holding the boat in the perfect position for her shot, all the time giving her a running commentary on the sea conditions, wave and wash patterns. Do we love what we do......well you'll just have to make your own mind up about that!!

Despirit in Poole Harbour, Dorset, 2005

What a complete contrast to the lively antics of the power boaters. We were out yacht racing in the beautiful waters of Poole Harbour on a Tuesday night when the evening wind decided to drop, this meant that we might not even finish the race but never mind ....don't miss the opportunity.... and what a lovely sunset it was too, a good consolation prize and a bonus to boot. 
The moral to this story.... never miss a chance and never forget your camera.

Starcus off Corbier Point, Jersey, 2005

We had a full of fun trip from St. Helier, Jersey in the Channel Islands to Cherbourg during the summer holidays. As you can see, our friend Nick had even more fun in his amazing Botnia Targa 27 in some very confused seas with some sizeable swells from the southwest. Great for Anne to get off some action shots and some even more exciting video.. The rally of some 17 boats was rounding Corbier Point to head up to the Alderney race and then on to Cherbourg.

Sancerre crossing the Channel, 2007

This was one of those shots you only take once in a while when conditions are right. We ran in under Sancerre's bows for this awesome shot. Annie only realised just how close I took the boat when she stopped looking through the viewfinder of the camera. Once she had the shot I pulled away very helped Anne's nerves to settle down.

Tadpole playing in the Channel, 2007

Crossing the Channel heading for St. Vaast in dense fog can be quite wearing on the nerves especially when it's for most of the trip. We left the fog behind us just 12 miles off Barfleur Point and it's a relief to play for a while. Tadpole enjoyed a bit of wash riding to break up the tedious journey and Annie got some lovely shots in the camera.


Running Sancerre's Wash, 2007

This was a fun shot to do, there's something about running up a wash especially when there's another boat about to jump the wash for your camera. Everybody has to know their boat really well and have a plan if something goes this instance all went well and the series of shots were great, Annie really does get some amazing angles in situations like this and the fun in keeping the boat steady for her is great for me too.

Girl Fisher's Awesome Wash, 2007

Girl Fisher is a 56 foot semi displacement hulled safety boat for the Cobb's Quay long distance rallies. The engines deep within the bowels of this boat is a sight worth seeing and the wash put up by them at 12 knots is fun to ride to say the least. Technically our boat should have a very clean hull running in the bubble bath behind this powerful beast. Annie has got some superb shots of this wash from some very awkward angles that show the size it really was.

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