Work of Art Marine Images

Boats in Action

Kamadaze flying off

Starcus riding the wash

Blue Equity in a hurry

Amanha taking on St Aldhelms

Bongo in heavy Seas

Amanha taking on St Aldhelms

Bongo in the Rough

Distraction flying on Glassy Seas


Kamadaze Airborne

Kamadaze in heavy seas

Kamadaze, What goes up................

....................Must come down.......................

........................and Down!!

Mega Lira splashing about
Mega Lira chasing the wash
Mega Lira racing off

Millers Folly creaming it through the wash

 Millers Folly flying out of  the wash

Kamadaze & Millers Folly Racing up the Solent

Moody Blue Trashing About

High Stakes rolling a wash in the Solent 

Awesome Princess Adri-Anne

Princess Adri-Anne stern shot

Superman on Princess Adri-Anne

'R' Plaice crossing the Channel

'R' Plaice taking on the rough

Reality mid Channel

Kamadaze sea bashing

The Awesome Sancerre

Special T crossing the Channel

Tadpole and Work of Art Riding Sancerre's Wash

Special T crossing on Watch

Taffy crossing the Channel

Taffy in a flying stern shot
Solaris rounding Portland Bill
Tyrone Venturer Passing the Dorset Coast

Wildest Dream riding the wash

Wildest Dream stern shot

Wonderful Life in a hurry

Wonderful Life on Glassy Seas

Wonderful Life wave leaping


Wonderful Life wave leaping a lot 


Tadpole leaping the wash

Tadpole in a tight turn

Work of Art Screaming through the wash
All of these shots have been taken from the back of Work of Art during rallies or photo sessions by my wife Annie (rubber legs).
Her sense of timing and balance is truly amazing .
The shot of Work of Art was taken from Tadpole during a superb photo shoot in which we had the most exciting time chasing each other to get the shots, our thanks to the Tadpole team for such a fun day.
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Work of Art Marine Images