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Work of Art Marine Images 2005-2012

Anne Hayton

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Peter Hayton

Our History

Work of Art Marine Images was born from the need to express the vision that Peter and Anne saw in the sea and all that surrounded it. Peter has loved the sea since a young child and has spent most of his time near it indulging in sailing, diving and power boating. He has painted watercolours of the sea from an early age and in later years used his camera to snap the few moments of a sunset that captured the raw colour and power of this most emotive subject for his works.

Anne Hayton was drawn into the photographic side of their art business when they bought their first power boat. Peter used to drive the boat while Anne risked life and limb capturing boats in action as they raced across the sea. The results soon got her recognition in the local boating community and the nick name “Rubber Legs” for her balance and the fact that her images taken at speed always captured the boats so clearly. Her other nickname "Limpet" has been given to her for the fact that she always manages to stay stuck to the boat no matter what it's doing in the sea.

Since our early days, and due to public demand, we have included new ranges of photographic prints with an artistic feel to them. All our artistic prints are printed on Fine Art paper using the Giclee, light fast, 12 colour pigmented ink method that give the feel of quality and depth. While our Boats in Action prints are printed using the same quality method but on 260gsm satin photographic paper or canvas.

The “Emotions of the Sea” range are beautiful sunset and sunrise photographs taken with art in mind by Peter and Anne Hayton. Both have been involved with the Fine Art business, as painter and gallery owner, for over twenty five years and have taken these heart felt scenes with an artistic eye, showing the beauty and power of light over the sea.

Our Future

We hope to develop our Photographic range of prints, over the next few years, into a range of prints that will capture the emotions of colour and light helping the viewer to feel the passion that goes into their creation and taking enjoyment and inspiration from them.

All our images put something back into life, we believe that this is the reason art lovers buy our prints so that they can see the world through the artists eyes, with all the detail so often passed by unnoticed in this modern pace of life. 

We realise how privileged we are to be able to take these images for other people to enjoy and how honoured we are that mother nature reveals so much of her beauty for us to capture.

Thank you for looking at our website and we hope you enjoy the images you see here.

Have fun, Peter & Anne

Work of Art Marine Images 2005-2012

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